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On a mission to cast everyone’s togetherness.

CropShop Casting Studio™ is a product of CropShop Retail LLP. Many people dream of getting lifecasting with or for their loved ones. But a very limited number of people have the opportunity to get them accomplished by a casting artist. To unravel this situation and make their dream come true, we have curated the best casting kit available all over India to give an everlasting experience. 

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Our kit consists of 12 items, including Molding Powder, Casting Stone Powder, Test Samples, Instruction Manual, Bucket, Wooden Spatula, Wooden Cleaning Stick, Steel Smoothing Tool, Brush, Paint Box, Sand Papers & Wood Textured Base. 


Our Instruction Manual and DIY Video help make the casting process easy and smooth. Currently, we are offering a casting kit for couples and launching a Baby casting kit soon. So stay tuned for more updates. 

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